Sunday, 16 Azar 1399
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توصیه های ساده برای مدیریت مصرف آب
بنر سال نو
طرح آبرسانی به ساری از سد شهیدرجایی
کارمند خبرنگار
سد عباس آباد - بهشهر
سد میجران - رامسر
سد البرز-سوادکوه شمالی

Activities and Tasks of Mazandaran Regional Water Company

The subject of the company's activity is recognizing, studying, developing, protecting, optimally exploiting water resources, producing hydroelectric power, creating, developing, exploiting the facilities of water facilities (excluding water and sewage facilities) and water Within the framework of the assignments contained in the relevant laws and regulations of the Ministry of Energy.

In order to achieve its objectives, the company is authorized to take the following actions in compliance with the relevant regulations and regulations in its scope:
- Carrying out studies on the understanding, development and utilization of water resources and hydroelectricity.
- Providing and implementing water supply and water supply projects for various sectors of consumption, irrigation and drainage networks, water supply to cities and industries, sustainability and safety of dams, river and coastal engineering, flood control, artificial nutrition and hydroelectric power generation.

- Operation and maintenance of water supply, water transfer, hydroelectric power plant facilities and facilities.
- Hydroelectric power generation will be carried out in accordance with the instructions for operation and management of the National Navigation Center and the National Power Grid (Despatching).
- Operation of water resources in accordance with the policies, regulations and programs approved by the Ministry of Energy.
- Implementation of programs and communications that the Ministry of Energy refers to as a brokerage in the implementation of the fair distribution of water and other water laws and regulations (including basic studies, quantitative and qualitative protection and supervision of the exploitation of water resources).
- Ministry of Energy brokerage in the allocation of water needed for different sectors of consumption.

- Carry out research on water and water resources and water resources and use new scientific and technical methods for better exploitation of water and energy sources of hydroelectric power and associated facilities.
- Submission of subscriptions to applicants on the basis of relevant tariffs in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
- Delivery of water needed to subscribers in different sectors based on the tariffs approved by the relevant authorities.
- Purchase of services from the non-governmental sector to carry out studies, executive, exploitation and maintenance of hydroelectric and hydroelectric power plants and substation services to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve service levels.

- obtaining any financial loan from domestic and foreign sources, supplying domestic equity bonds, and selling water and power hydroelectricity, and other methods of financing the financing by obtaining permission from the law enforcement agencies.
- Attracting public and non-governmental participation in water resource development projects, irrigation and drainage networks, water supply to industries and cities, river and coastal engineering, artificial nutrition and hydroelectric power generation, and water and water supply facilities.

- Collaboration and collaboration with relevant institutions in research and review for the development of scientific, technical and economical issues related to the goals and duties of the company.
 To carry out any operations and commercial transactions in accordance with the resolutions of the General Assembly and the relevant regulations that are necessary for the company's intentions.
 Note - The company is not authorized to create a company or invest in other companies.