Sunday, 16 Azar 1399
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توصیه های ساده برای مدیریت مصرف آب
بنر سال نو
طرح آبرسانی به ساری از سد شهیدرجایی
کارمند خبرنگار
سد عباس آباد - بهشهر
سد میجران - رامسر
سد البرز-سوادکوه شمالی

Dam Construction

Dam construction and controlling water flow is low regarding the total water resources and capacity in the province; therefore, more dams should be constructed and dam construction should be developed more than before. Construction of Zaramroud Dam on Tajan River with a regulating capacity of 100MCM and the construction cost of 2500 million Rials and construction of Kasilian Dam on Talar Dam with a regulating capacity of 80 MCM and cost of about 200 million Rials have been designed and are ready to be invested in order to provide water for drinking and sanitation, industrial, agricultural and hydro power purposes.

The Purpose of Constructing Hydro Power Plants

The condition of water resources and natural environment in Mazandaran has provided opportunities for the construction and development of hydro power plants and water structures along river side, and a good chance for investment.

The 6 Mega Watt Plant of Salehi Mazandarani Dam (Alborz Dam), the power plants which are being constructed at Haraz Dam site, the power plants which are being constructed at Gelevard Dam site, and the small power plants along water pipe lines as well as the operating dams and power plants ahs provided chances and opportunities of investment out of which more than 700 mega watt of investment capacity has been recognized.

Aqua Tourism

Water structures such as dams, water canals and ditches, waterfalls and springs beside the natural beauties also provided opportunities for the development of tourism industry in the province. Therefore, Mazanran Regional water Company (MRWC) decides to activate and put into operation these chances and prepares development plans in the field of dam and water structure construction. The opportunities for investment have been provided in Shiahdeh Dam, Berenjestanak Dam, Sonbolroud Dam, Shahid Rajaee Dam, Abbas Abad Dam, Salaheddinkola Dam, and And Alimalat Dam. Plans have been arranged for Alborz Dam and Gelevard Dam. Also, tourism development plans have been prepared for some rivers. The necessary capacities and opportunities have been provided for water springs.

Urban Water Delivery Plans

Policies have been made in order to change the plan of supplying and delivering sanitary water from underground resources to surface resources. MRWC has prepared Water Delivery Plans.

These plans are intended to be implemented through BOT method. The plans for supplying water for the cities of Neka, Shirgah, Behshahr, Galoogah and Noushahr- Chaloos have been prepared. These plans give the chance of investing and implementing the projects through BOT.


Water Swages

Water swages from industrial firms and cities necessitate the construction of a purification center; therefore, a part of water returns to the water management cycle. MRWC is preparing a plan for this reason.

Also, water swages form the factories in Sari and the city itself are ready to be invested for the purpose of being recycled for regions with less water. Other investment plans in this regard are being prepared and will be =implemented in a near future.